Sunday, March 4, 2012

Battery issue fixed for Nokia Lumia 800

For all you long suffering Nokia Lumia 800 homeowners out there, the top of the quick drain battery issue may be in sight, at the side of fixes for variety of different bugs additionally.

The Lumia 800 was Nokia's 1st handset to sport the Windows Phone operating system once its huge contend with Microsoft. It actually is not a nasty phone, as our Nokia Lumia 800 review found, however users have reported variety of bugs since its launch – with plenty focussing round the poor battery life.

MobileTechWorld has revealed that it has been testing the newest firmware upgrade for the Lumia 800, that addresses variety of problems as well as the quick battery drain.
But wait, there is a lot of

Other creases that the update irons out embody the dearth of audio bass, auto-white balance problems with the camera app, hardware button backlight brightness and an improved diagnostics app.

The report suggests the new firmware provides even a lot of fixes on high of those we've already listed, however didn't disclose what the remainder could also be.

There is no hint on when the firmware are going to be pushed out to customers, thus Lumia 800 homeowners hold tight and keep checking TechRadar for the newest.

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